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Blood Sugar and Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness and Blood Sugar When you have a diet high in simple carbohydrates, the research is pretty clear on the increased risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer. But what about the effects of blood sugar on mental wellness?  This is one of the topics I am so passionate about because the connection between mind and body becomes...[ read more ]

Improving Our Health and Reducing Environmental Impact

When I was in kindergarten, we would often have story time. On this particular afternoon as we sat around in a circle, my teacher read us a book about the Amazon rain forest. It was rich in descriptions of lush plants, colorful animals and biodiversity. I was in total awe – how could such a magical place like this exist...[ read more ]

Pain as a Messenger

           One of the things that drove me to do more biofeedback is that I love teaching patients how to become more aware of their bodies. It’s at the core of mind-body medicine. Whether it’s using measures of heart rate variability using HRV meters, or something as simple as breath, biofeedback helps us discover and gives access...[ read more ]

New Year, New You!

As New Years is approaching, a lot of us are probably looking to start new resolutions/lists. I’ve already created my list of things I want to accomplish in a whirlwind fashion– traveling to Belize to learn about Mayan Therapies, graduating from Naturopathic Medical School, starting a post-graduate mentorship in Behavioral and Mental Health and a naturopathic practice. Sounds like a...[ read more ]

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