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How do you treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorders naturally?

Our approach is personalized in treating the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The first step is seeing the patient as an individual and whole person – including mind, body and spirit. While a diagnosis can help guide us and identifies the general characteristics of a patient’s illness, it is more important in the healing process to understand the factors that has brought the person to this state of trauma and anxiety. These factors can include life events and neurobiological processes that predispose or perpetuate the state of anxiety, but it can vary from person to person. Once we understand the underlying factors, we can then look for obstacles that prevent them from healing, while teaching them skills and habits that lay the foundation for prevention, mental well-being and overall health. We rely on empowering the patient through counseling and therapies such as EMDR, CBT to teach them skills to regulate their emotions, homeopathy to stimulate their body’s healing response, nutrition, botanical medicine and acupuncture, to name a few therapies. Frequently yoga and breathing exercises can help balance the patient’s physiologic stress response.

What can I expect from my sessions?

The intake session is two parts – the medical intake and the Mind-Body Intake. The first session is to “getting to know you” from a medical standpoint and lasts 90 minutes. We do a thorough medical intake which includes your medical history, family history, medications and supplements you have taken, often include diet diary, short term and long term goals, as well as begin forming a strategic, personalized treatment plan. The second session is the Mind-Body intake, which will be a thorough evaluation of mental, emotional and physical symptoms from the patient’s experience. All this is done to understand the underlying factors of a patient’s illness, to provide lasting and effective results.

How long will I be seeing Dr. Ruiz for treatments?

In the first month, we will do the medical intake and homeopathic intake within two weeks. After a remedy is prescribed, generally visits are once a month. As your symptoms improve, the visits can be less frequent, however this depends on how chronic and severe the symptoms are. While homeopathic remedies are a keystone in treatment, positive coping skills, diet, and lifestyle changes are key in setting the foundation for health and can expedite the healing process.

Will you work with my Psychiatrist, Doctors or other healthcare practitioners?

Yes! Dr. Ruiz is happy to work with any of your healthcare providers. Often times, collaboration is necessary as medication changes may occur as your symptoms start to improve. It is always best to consult with the prescriber before changing or modifying your prescription medications.

How do I make an appointment?

Everyone begins with a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if homeopathic medicine is right for you. To schedule a 15 minute free phone consultation, click here to get started. If you’re not in the Phoenix area, Dr. Ruiz also treats patients via phone or Skype.

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