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Trauma to Transformation Online Coaching

Trauma to Transformation Online Coaching

Do you feel on edge for most of the day?

Do you feel a sense of impending doom, but just don’t know how to shake it, like something bad might happen?

Do you feel unease throughout your day and just want to feel “normal”?

These are all signs of a biological threat response system out of balance, a common consequence of having trauma.

In fight or flight mode, your subconscious brain continues to scan for safety and “hijacks” your ability to stay present so it can anticipate danger.

While it’s normal after trauma, most therapists and doctors address the mood, instead of the biological system that has come out of balance.

Creating ease and feeling normal again after trauma isn’t through talk therapy or through medications, but through tapping into the body’s innate ability to heal and recover.

After years of clinical experience in the field of psychological trauma and natural medicine, Dr. Vanessa Ruiz has created a 6 week group online coaching program “Trauma to Transformation”  that simplifies and helps you master the basics of reducing the biological trauma response and raise the healing response of the body.

In “Trauma to Transformation” you’ll:

  • learn why you’re feeling the way you feel
  • learn how to naturally lower hormones that make you feel anxious, depressed, irritable, shutdown and angry
  • reduce the biological threat alarms that make you feel on edge without medications
  • address the 5 common internal stressors that keep your body stuck in stress mode
  • address the 2 common external stressors that can trigger you into fight or flight
  • nutrition to help your body reset, restore and rest after PTSD
  • movement and yoga that helps your brain to rest and re-wire
  • reset the healing response in your body naturally
  • transform trauma into radical self-care
  • master the necessary skills of trauma recovery and healing after complex PTSD
  • be in a supportive space where others will help normalize, encourage your experience and co-regulate

The 6 Week Master Class will cover:

  • Week 1: “Why Can’t I Just Relax?” – The Biology of Trauma and a Stuck Response
  • Week 2: Nourish and Nurturing the “Calm Response”
  • Week 3: Movement to Re-wire a “Stuck” Brain
  • Week 4: Trauma Releasing Breathwork and Mindfulness
  • Week 5: Dealing with External Stressors and Rituals that Help You Recover
  • Week 6: Looking Towards a Hopeful Future After Trauma

Online group coaching starts January 26, 2021. Sessions are Tuesday and Thursday evenings (AZ).  Only 7 spots available.  Early bird pricing cost is $325 until December 10. Post early bird pricing $999. Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call (480) 426-8040 or email info@enlivenmentalhealth.com. 

Investment is non-refundable.

(480) 426-8040

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